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[Updated: Mark on 15 Sep 2008]

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St Pats LifeTime [Mark] 20 October 2006

St Patrick's Church in Wallington have recently started a new evening service, called LifeTime. Sarah and I are involved in the planning group, and the service now has a website too.

Fastnet race page [Mark] 02 July 2005

Stefan Reinsberg, a friend from ICR, is on a team doing the Fastnet ocean race this year. They've got some pages about the race hosted here, which include a rather neat progress report and running course chart, updated from the boat during the race (and during their qualifying races).

Wedding photos (better late than never) [Mark] 28 Jul 2004

Nothing like an impending PhD deadline to spark your enthusiasm for finally getting round to putting the aforementioned wedding photos on the website. There's a few other random updates, too.

Two years down the line [Mark] 28 Jul 2004

Time to checkin a few things before this site vanishes into the irrelevant homepage darkness of no return. Apparently I wrote the note below shortly after we got married but never posted it, so here that is, too. And yep, it's still great. :-)

You never know; there might be some more updates soon. Anything to put off writing my thesis, really.

Lots of new things [Mark] 07 June 2002

A very quick update: we're married and it's great. :-)

I'm gradually accumulating people's photographs of our wedding; I'll put a handful up on the relevant page when I have a spare half hour sometime. Life is gradually starting to equilibriate again: the study still isn't very tidy, but there are a couple of surfaces free.

Many thanks to everybody who expressed support for us, came to the service or sent good wishes, and for all the extremely nice new things we have in our new home!